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I'm gonna be on the BBC…

In additional Nora Mews, a film crew from Blink Television in the UK flew in from England recently for a two-day filming of me for an upcoming episode of “Extraordinary Animals.” Mike, Simon, and Neil arrived in Philly with clipboard, camera, and boom mic in hand to capture me being me, and to interview Betsy about my extraordinary ability. They even brought in animal behaviorist Beth Adelman from New York City to meet with yours truly and to discuss on camera her views on why I do what I do. It was great fun, and the guys were brilliant!

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  1. Prkprkprk

    Hey guys! That’s really cool that you will be on BBC, Nora. Is there any way you guys could record the show then upload it online somewhere? I would LOVE to see the video. If you can’t, then I understand. THANKS!


    P.S. When is Nora’s next performance going to be up? I need to have more from her!

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