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Public Radio's tip of the hat to yours truly…

Click arrow to hear me playing on PRI’s Fair Game program.


  1. Bev

    WooHoo Nora!
    As your fan I would have known right away if I had heard this on PR! Your unique style in unmistakable.

    Your star is shining brighter little Nora, congrats!

    ~ Bev =^,,^=

  2. Beethoven


    I’ve been humming your music while walking the streets late at night [to buy ice cream]. I can’t get you out of my head! Are you a genius or my tormentor? In any case, I must concede defeat to the music world’s latest prodigy…

    Play on, meine Katzen!


  3. Fisher

    Nora you have done it again! There is no end in sight to your incredible success. We remain loyal fans and appreciate the inspiration you give us all.
    Your friend,

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