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Licensing International Expo in New York in June…

The licensing agency Burnell & Betsy signed with, Moxie & Company, will be representing me with cool video and a great poster at the Licensing International Expo 2008 in New York at the Jacob Javits Convention Center from June 10-12. If you can make it, stop by the booth (#4725) and introduce yourself to Laura Becker, I guess you’d call her my agent. Betsy will also be there one of the days (not sure which one). I’ll be staying home to practice.

Licensing International Expo 2008
June 10-12, 2008
Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC

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  1. Tracy Jacobsen

    Hey Nora,
    Congratulations! I hope the Expo went well and Betsy had a good time. Excited about your new book.

    Just wanted to let you know you appeared in the Palm Desert High School 2008 Year Book! Your cousin Miles called me one day and said he had someone on the phone and he wanted me to tell them who Nora was. This young man got on the phone and was very surprised to learn that yes, we are related and that Miles is your human cousin. The guy thought that was pretty cool! When Miles opened the year book and saw you and a little article about you being voted one of the top you tube videos he told his friends and of course they did not believe him until they called me.

    Take Care
    Aunt Tracy

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