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Nora in Norway…

Anybody within the sound of my purr read Norwegian? If you do, perhaps you could let me know what writer Nina Rambol wrote about me in the June 2008 issue of Hjemmet Magazine. We got our copy today. I think the pages are very nicely laid out, and Burnell’s photos look great. That’s Nina’s photo on the right. And the first page of the article is on the left. Click the left thumbnail to see a larger image.

You can also download the 212K pdf of the article by clicking HERE. And please do let me know what the article has to say about such a photogenic feline. 🙂

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  1. Eva Maria

    Hi there!
    I saw Nora for the first time on the internet today, and I must say, what a marvellous little cat!
    I am Danish and therefore read Norwegian as well (it’s practically the same language), if you’re interested in a full translation let me know and I’ll get to it 🙂
    I can tell you that it’s very positive, and very well in tune with Nora’s life story on your website (which I also read today).

    Keep it up!


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