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Time for a snooze…

For those times when nothing but a cat nap will do, I find that no place is better than Betsy’s guitar case, even when it means sleeping on top of notebooks and sheet music. Betsy’s case has such a fine plush interior and so many curves and pillowy areas, that I could spend hours snoozing comfortably. Unfortunately, Betsy is very good about putting her guitar away after playing it or after a lesson, so I usually only get an hour or so, tops. Then it’s off to one of my other hideaways, like the cabinet where the yoga mats are stored or in the clothes hamper. Hmmm. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it. You can click the thumbnail if you want to see a larger version.


  1. Tim O.


    You rest up girl, surely a date for you to play Catnegie Hall can’t be too far off in your talented future!!

    Best Wishes,

    Beamie & Lexi…your Hatfield & McCoy Country Grey Kitty Cousins

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