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Temple University Students come to call…video camera in hand.

Temple students filming Nora.Temple students filming Nora.In addition to the excitement of Election Day 2008, I had another treat on the 4th: Temple University student Christine Lucas, along with Rachel Barrett and Kris Fossett, showed up with video camera in hand to film me at the piano and to interview my human, Betsy Alexander, for a story she was doing on yours truly.

As you can see from the photo to the left, I posed wonderfully for Christine (on the right with video camera, and fellow student Rachel Barrett, who was shooting still shots). It was a funtime and I enjoyed meeting my new fans. The photo to the right is of, l to r, Rachel, Kris, and Christine during the interview with Betsy. I was still on the piano bench, but I’m not quite tall enough to be visible in this shot.

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