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The Visitors…

I recently had two very special visitors. There was Stephanie (she’s standing in the photo to the right) and her friend, Bobbi (down at my level in the same photo). I had met Stephanie before during one of Burnell & Betsy’s open studio events. But Bobbi came all the way from Princeton, NJ just to meet me. I was so pleased. The photo to the left shows me looking up adoringly at them. You may also notice that my sibling, Gabby, is perched on the corner of my piano. This is something I don’t normally allow, but I was feeling particularly generous that evening. Imade up for it by chasing her off the piano the next night. You can even see me do that in my new video. (Click a thumbnail to view larger images).

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  1. Donna W

    Hello Nora,

    Anyone who gets to visit you is very lucky! I wish I could visit, but it’s too far. At least I can read about you and watch you on the computer. I love your new video on Youtube; aren’t you glad your mom’s students asked for those to be started? I am, so are at least 6,ooo,ooo other people!! I ordered your Guide as a Christmas gift for one of my good friends. She has recently started taking piano lessons (after retiring) and, like me, is a real cat lover and Nora fan. It’s all wrapped and I can hardly wait to give it to her!

    Sending wishes for a blessed Christmas to you and your mom and dad and your siblings,
    Donna W

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