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My brother, Rennie…

I had a great time today playing with Rennie. We rolled around in piles of laundry. He chased me and I chased him. I must say I caught him a lot more than he did me, but he doesn’t seem to mind. It’s so much fun having another cat to frolic around with, especially on the slow days when no students come for lessons.


  1. Wiebke

    Hey Nora!

    I am glad you’ve got a companion to frolic around with! It is so important and fullfilling to play and to have someone to share this, isn’t it?! Humans can learn a lot from you and the likes of you, don’t you think so…?
    Hm – you are a great inspiration. I am an artist too and there is sometimes an idea for a drawn cat-story flying around in my brain and heart – you reminded me to/on(?) it. Thanks!
    Do you like green? When I thought of you, playing the piano, I saw you with lots of green around you – maybe one day I will paint it. (Don’t know if it’s just my projection – but nevertheless it was a nice image…)

    All the best from germany and keep on playing!

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