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Animal Planet Comes to Film…

Natalia, Matt, Alex & Jan came to visit me recently from Sharp Entertainment. They are filming a few exceptional animals for a segment on Animal Planet called Outrageous Animals. I just happened to be on their list. The first day we spent in home I share with my human’s Betsy and Burnell. They filmed me at the piano a lot and they also filmed my siblings interacting with me. Oh, and they also interviewed Betsy and Burnell. Then they moved all their equipment upstairs to the bedroom. They even set up this huge backdrop and big lights and then filmed me walking around, lying down, and generally looking fantastic.

The next day we tried a bold experiment. We all went to a local hot spot in Philly called the World Cafe Live. They wanted to see if I would play the piano there, and maybe sit in with the owner, who is a jazz musician. Well, as soon as we got to the green room and they opened the door on my carrier, I crawled underneath the big red sofa. Betsy did take me out to the piano once and we sat on the bench together, but I had absolutely no interest in playing the piano – although I did enjoy the applause of the people who had gathered when they heard that the famous Nora The Piano Cat was in the building. Let’s face it, I like my own Yamaha Grand and my own space. Burnell told everyone I was like Enya, a studio musician who didn’t go on tour. So we all went home, and later that night I played a little duet with Betsy. There’s no place like home, and there’s no piano like my piano.