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Nora On A Diet!

Well, not really a diet, but Burnell and Betsy decided that an intervention in the form of a feeding schedule change was necessary. The old schedule wasn’t really a schedule at all. Science Diet dry food was simply made available all day for me and my five siblings. None of them have a weight problem, but it was becoming obvious that I did. I guess you could say I’m kind of an all-day nibbler. So, now the food bowls go down twice a day for half an hour. It may take some getting used to, but I know it’s for the best. I only hope my siblings don’t hold it against me. (Click thumbnail to view a larger me.)


  1. Nano's Mom

    Oh dear, Nora – I know it can be hard to change your eating habits! Nano gained a pound and has to lose weight too, so he’s very sympathetic.

  2. Donna W

    Honey! It’s those horizontal stripes! They make everyone look plump. 🙂 Seriously, good luck on your diet and be grateful that Betsy and Burnell are looking after your health.

  3. Cricket

    I know how you feel, Nora. My human recently put me on a diet as well. She says she is doing it for my own good. Let’s hope so! Good luck! Let me know how yours goes! Can’t wait to see you on TV! Animal Planet is my favorite channel! I love the Animal Cops! My mom says it’s like Law & Order for animals!

  4. Roberta

    Good luck with the diet, Nora. It is hard, but stick with it and you will feel better and play the piano even more vigorously. I am on a diet too, so I know how it is. You have good people-parents who care about your health.

  5. Wee Maurice

    Ah, Nora, my Mama also has plans to put me on a diet. Meooowr! I know it’s for our own good, but kibble just smells sooo good, eh? I give her a hard time by looking so cute when I get the nibblies for kibble… Sigh…

    Hang in there, older sis!

  6. Diet

    oh oh,Nora seems to be worried about her dieting.Really your mama has done a great job by taking this decision,Nora.So kindly,stick to it.

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