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Mindaugas Piecaitis debuts "Catcerto" in Lithuania on June 5th, 2009…

On April 15th, Lithuanian conductor Mindaugas Piecaitis contacted my humans, Betsy and Burnell, about a project idea he had regarding composing a piece of music based on my piano playing. His idea was to project video of me playing and then to have a chamber orchestra play along with and opposite me. Well, Mindaugas’ idea has become a reality. The piece is titled "Catcerto." It will be performed in Lithuania on June 5th, 2009. Here’s a link to the online program. The listing for the "Catcerto" is near the end of the list of performances.

For more information on Mindaugas Piecaitis, visit his website at

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  1. Caroline

    I listened to the extract on BBC News and wished there had not been a voice-over. The concerto is delightful and also dignified. The cat really is centre stage but not made fun of. The strings backing is sympathetic and the whole piece lasting 4 minutes is exactly right for a children’s music video.
    Well done for such a good collaboration.

  2. Susan Jayne White

    I heard ‘Nora the Piano Cat” when my sister-in-law forwarded to me the “Catcerto”. The performance completely touched my heart as well as my husband John’s. Mindaugus Piecaitis demonstrated both artistic brilliance and confidence when he went forward with an idea and brought it to fruition. I am truly awed and inspired by both Nora and Mindaugus!! This artistic meeting of creative efforts by both the human and animal worlds does a great service not only to children but to the world and yes, the entire universe!!!

    I can’t find enough words to express how beautiful and wondrous a work that “Catcerto” is. God Bless You!

  3. Faye Marie

    I’ve seen Nora play piano, but to see this Catcerto was just the best way to enjoy her playing. I love how she prefers the higher notes. Cats make the best pets anyway, and a piano playing cat with obvious human “pitch” is just precious. I wish Betsy, Nora and her family all the best and I wish Mindaugas Piecaitis ALL the best in her musical career. The man truly knows what people want to hear. Wish he could come to America on tour!

  4. Lucia Hall

    This is a beautiful and touching piece of modern music. I would love to have a recording of it! And I will check out composer Mindaugas Piecaitis’ works as well. So sweet!

  5. Carolyn Axelrod

    As a cat lover, I believe Nora is truly special, but I’m in awe at Mr. Mindaugas’s beautiful composition to accompany her. He perfectly edited and arranged her separate solos to match his music, and likewise composed his concerto to perfectly match her “notes.” The mood he created,in my opinion, is primarily one of melancholy and longing, but with playfulness in the middle section, which is appropriate for her. It all comes together perfectly, and pushes all my buttons about the bonds between people and these wonderful companions. I will always love it and am hoping to purchase it on CD.

  6. Maria Adamantidis

    My cousin who lives in the States forwarded the catcerto to me today and I was simultaneously moved, delighted and amazed. Mindaugas Piecaitis did a wonderful job in composing this elegant accompaniment to Nora’s playing. Congratulations from Greece to all concerned!

  7. Robert Kaye

    I absolutely concur with Maria Adamantidis; Mr. Miecaitis did a beautiful job in scoring his piece of orchestral music around Nora’s playing. I’m forwarding the link of the YouTube performance to all my cat- and music-loving friends. It’s ingenious and delightful. Bravo! Encore!

  8. James

    The “Catcerto” is one of the most endearing performance I have seen and it is such a inspiring performance. I would venture to say that it would be good to put this up before you go to bed and have sweet dreams.
    Fantastic performance. Keep it up

  9. Judy Bertelsen

    As a cat-person and a cellist, I am so happy to see and hear this wonderful musical offering. Many thanks to all: Nora, her humans, the conductor/composer of the orchestral music, Mindaugas Piecaitis, and to the orchestra–and also to Betsy’s student who performed the piano duet with Nora. You are all dear hearts. Many thanks!!!

  10. the mama

    where can someone in the USA obtain or purchase a CD version of this music orchestration with Nora and the Mindaugas Piecaitis score??

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