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CATcerto performed in Lithuania!!

Mindaugas Piecaitis’ CATcerto was performed and recorded on June 5th in Lithuania by the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra. The soloist was none other than yours truly, Nora the Piano Cat. Well, I performed on a giant video screen behind the orchestra. Mindaugas worked with video clips of me provided by my humans, Betsy and Burnell. He then wrote the orchestra’s part to play along with and opposite me. Mindaugas conducted. I can’t wait to see the video of the performance. It will be posted as soon as we receive it.

Click the thumbnail images to see larger views.


  1. Beverly Fisher

    Bravo Nora! Bravo! You are up there with legendary performers Lassie and Flipper. (except you do this on your own and not for bones or fish haha)
    Keep the music going little girl, you are a genius!

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