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Performance Video of CATcerto by Mindaugas Piecaitis with Nora The Piano Cat as Soloist…

This is it, folks. The complete performance of CATcerto by Mindaugas Piecaitis written especially for me, Nora The Piano Cat. And of course, I am the guest soloist. Please check it out and email the YouTube link to all your friends. And there’s even a CATcerto website:


  1. Rita

    Nora, You are so lucky that your Mom is in tuned with your adorable spirit. You are so loved in my home. We saw your performance and were very impressed. Oh I wish your Mom and you all the Love in the world.
    There needs to be more people like your Mom. She is brilliant.
    Good Luck Nora. My cats also watch and were so shocked that you were playing the piano.
    Love you, Rita
    Betty Boop and Barack Banda

  2. Beverly Fisher

    This brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful… and how wonderful that Nora could inspire a composer to write such a beautiful Catcerto.

  3. Jo

    Sweet music with guest soloist Nora. A beautiful, clever and entertaining cat who I watch almost every day. I still miss my own pet after six months without her so I find Nora a comfort.

  4. Jo

    She sure is a tonic. The catcerto is very moving and note how the other cats sit watching and listening to Nora. I wonder if they feel a bit left out at times though. I would like to see Nora lose a bit of weight, being so heavy is not healthy- even for a cat.

  5. mimi

    Dear Nora, everytime I watch your interpretation of this amazing touching composition, I have tears in my eyes… really! I never heard and saw something as “genius” than this…
    I am a big cat lover and I, myself, composed a song that my dear Titinou (my black cat) sang for me and I called it The Black Cat Blues

    I wish to hear you perform again.. may be Maestro Piecaitis will compose something new for you…

    By the way you are sooooo beautiful too.


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