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Nora in the Press for August – At Home and Abroad…

Entertainment Weekly – on the newsstand August 7th.

Badische Zeitung – Article on CATcerto by German writer Constance Frey

USA Today – Coming soon.

NBC Xtra – aired on Wednesday, the 5th of August.


  1. GaryM

    The interview in Badische Zeitung was excellent. I especially liked Piecaitis’s comments on how the orchestra reacted when Nora was added to the music they’d already started rehearsing.

    The Entertainment Weekly article was idiotic, though I don’t know if I’d call it offensive.

  2. Donna W

    Hi Nora,

    Loved the article and pictures in USA Today! Thanks for the heads-up on that, so I knew to look for it, because I usually only read our local paper and sometimes don’t even have time for that. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that article, though. You’re a delight!

    your friend,
    Donna W

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