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USA Today Article on Wednesday, August 12th…

That’s photographer Joan Fairman Kanes in the photo on the left. Burnell took this photo during a photoshoot for an article in USA Today. The article is coming out on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009. Click HERE to read it online.

I hope you all can pick up a copy. We heard that Joan got many outstanding shots and the editor is hoping to use alot of them in the article. I can’t wait!

Click the thumbnail to view larger image.


  1. Anne

    Hi Nora, I’m so glad you’re getting good press & more exposure, but what was with the black & white? You deserved full color!!! Also I was a bit miffed that the author failed to mention your online blog and your books, not to mention your MAGNUM OPUS, the Catcerto!!
    Forever your fan,

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