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Westchester Cat Show to Honor Me with Scarlet Ribbon Award…

Westchester Cat Show!*

Date : November 21, 2009

Description : The Westchester Feline Club will host the 34th annual Westchester Cat Show on both Saturday and Sunday, November 21st & 22nd from 10AM to 5PM, at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. The show features over 230 feline entries, from over 35 breeds, in competition. See Nora the Piano Cat live via the magic of the web on Sat., November 21, 2009 at 1:00pm. If we are lucky she may tinkle the ivories as her mother accepts her ‘Cat of the Year’ award. Nora will receive the very first ‘Scarlett Ribbon’ which will be given hereafter to all Cats of the Year in memory and honor of Scarlett, the cat who saved her 5 kittens from a burning building, and who was the reason the Cat of the Year award was created. Cats and kittens will be available for adoption and sale. You won’t want to miss the Meow Wear Feline Fashion Review, or the Cat Writers’ Association Book Signing Party featuring more than a dozen noted pet authors. There is Face Painting, FREE Ask the Vet booth; Birthday Party’s for the Shelter Cats and you can start your holiday shopping at the MEOW Marketplace. Check out the Westchester Cat Show on Facebook.

Contact Information : Westchester County Center for directions (914) 995-4050 All other inquiries (914) 739-5408

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  1. Milo and Alfie

    Hi Nora,

    Alfie and I wondered if we could inteview you on our bloggie? We’re just ordinary moggies and we know you are a superstar cat ~ so if yoo agreed, we would be thrilled ~ and if you don’t, well we’ll sulk a bit but it won’t be the end of the world.
    We think your piano playing skills are pawsome and you are also very pretty ~ a bit of a Diva really.
    You can follow the link to our bloggie and check us out first if you like ~ and leave us a message in the comments if you agree to the interview. The comment box asks for your e-mail address so we could then e-mail you our questions and you could e-mail back your responses (we assume you use the e-mail ~ ‘cos you’re obviously dexterous!). We won’t ask anything intrusive ~ you know, just the normal kitty questions and stuff.

    Love Milo xxx
    (and Smoochies from Alfie too xxx)

  2. Shari

    Congratulations, Nora! You will look splendid in scarlet!

    I am wondering about your live web appearance at 1:00pm on the Saturday. Must we be in attendance in New York or is it possible to see this monumental event from the comfort of my computer in San Francisco?

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