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This is not your average cat tree…

Nora and Rennie on the Lotus Cat Tower

This is Rennie and me hanging out on our new cat tree. It’s called the "Lotus Cat Tower," and it’s really cool. B&B have been wanting to get us a cat tree for some time, but most of the ones they saw offended their aesthetic sense. Mine, too. Then they discovered the "Lotus Cat Tower." It looks beautiful, like a sculpture. And in a house filled with art, that’s important.

You’ll notice that I’m allowing Rennie the higher perch at the moment. That should dispel the rumor that I’m a total diva.

I’m hoping that Burnell takes more photos to show you the whole thing. The base has a great hide-away place with a comfy cushion. But I think they want to clear away some of the clutter in the corner before they post a full-length photo. Humans can be so vain.

Go to to check out this very cool piece of cat furniture.