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This is not your average cat tree…

Nora and Rennie on the Lotus Cat Tower

This is Rennie and me hanging out on our new cat tree. It’s called the "Lotus Cat Tower," and it’s really cool. B&B have been wanting to get us a cat tree for some time, but most of the ones they saw offended their aesthetic sense. Mine, too. Then they discovered the "Lotus Cat Tower." It looks beautiful, like a sculpture. And in a house filled with art, that’s important.

You’ll notice that I’m allowing Rennie the higher perch at the moment. That should dispel the rumor that I’m a total diva.

I’m hoping that Burnell takes more photos to show you the whole thing. The base has a great hide-away place with a comfy cushion. But I think they want to clear away some of the clutter in the corner before they post a full-length photo. Humans can be so vain.

Go to to check out this very cool piece of cat furniture.


  1. Anne

    Nora, looks like Santa came a little bit early to your house! That is a fine-looking cat tree that you & Remy will enjoy for a long time I bet.

  2. Donna W

    What a sleek and beautiful cat tree! It’s a prefect match for a sleek and beautiful cat like you. How kind of you to allow Rennie the top spot. Kind, but not surprising. After all, he’s your best friend. Enjoy your new, fun place and encourage B&B to de-clutter the corner so we can see the bottom of the “tree”. Boy, talk about needing to de-clutter, you should see our house! Oops, Mama says “Don’t go there”!! teehee
    Merry Christmas, Sally and Molly (Donna W’s kitties)

  3. Marsha

    Nora, I love your tree!!! I ordered one and it arrived yesterday, but I am very disappointed with the quality. The design is FABULOUS, but mine is not made well at all! There are scratches on several pieces, the holes are not drilled out enough for the pegs, the holes are too big for the pegs, the holes are not aligned properly, so it’s very difficult to assemble, several pieces of the hardware that hold the base together, broke, and the directions are terrible. VERY DISAPPOINTING! We could also not get the color we wanted. It’s a great idea and would be really great if it were made out of nice wood, like maple or cherry, and was manufactured properly. I’d like to have Norm Abram built me one!!! I think $350 is a lot of money for what I received, but I’m glad you and your friends like it.

  4. Dorothy

    glad to hear others werent thrilled with that cat tree.
    I took one look at it and thought… nose-in-the-air aesthetics??? who needs it. If you love your cats you’ll get a really COMFORTABLE cat tree with lots of stuff to claw, lots of different levels, lots of placaes to crawl in and out of, and levels big enough for two kitties to wrestle for. … $350 is a rip off for that, and I sadly suspect that it is possible somebody could get one for free if you could guarantee it some publicity. I really think Nora would prefer my VERY unaesthetic clunky looking 8 foot tall cat tree which cost less than half that.

  5. Victoria

    Nora, I just wanted to say how pretty you and Rennie look in your beautiful new cat tree! And I’m so glad you and Rennie have stayed such good friends!

  6. The Cat

    Hey Nora, your tree looks much better than mine. I’ve got one of those common ones and I’ve already managed to scratch the hell out of it. I wish I played the piano as well as you do. Maybe then I’d get a nicer cat furniture.

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