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My Very First Webcam Photo…

This is me and Burnell in my very first webcam photo. How in the world I managed to avoid this all these years, I haven’t a clue. Could be that I’m mostly sleeping on Betsy’s computer chair. Today I just happened to be on Burnell’s, and when he picked me up to sit down, I just happened to ask about that funny-looking thing on top of his computer monitor. Next thing I know, he’s telling me to say cheese. Now, saying cheese and eating cheese are two very different things. But I did as he asked (his demands are few), and the next thing I knew this image popped up on the screen. And I thought that "piano" was the only magic word. 🙂


  1. SmartyBillyCat

    Hi Nora … you make such a cute armful! Do you have a boyfriend? Mom makes me look into that little thing on top of her computer, too. One of these days, I’m going to insist on some cheese afterward! By the way, mom used to work at some place called Jool-yard … she says you play real good!


  2. Anne

    Nora you look as pretty as a picture in that shot! What gorgeous eyes you have, and such velvety paws. I hope you got the Valentine I sent to you!!

  3. Barb

    Hi, Nora! Love your photo, looking forward to seeing more of you!

    I would love to have a doll sized piano and a doll sized Nora for my dolls and bears to play with. Think you could make one for me?

    Love you!

  4. Luckie

    Hi Nora,
    My Catmom says I should met a nice young kitty like you. I am young, and handsome, and I have had all my shots (as all good cats should have). So, do you think we cold meet over a nice saucer of milk sometime? Mom says she will chaperon a play-date. Let me know, OK? I’m a cutie, too, but not nearly so famous and talented.

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