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Artist Toby Fraley comes to visit…

Well, of course you recognize me at the piano. But who, you may ask, are those two young people smiling for the camera? That’s Lauren & Toby. They’re a young couple from Pittsburgh, both artists, who stopped by to meet me and to drop off new artwork for Burnell and Betsy. One of the pieces is that clock on the corner of the piano. It was made by Toby. Finally, B&B bought a piece of art that I can relate to; it has a dead bird on it! (Click the thumbnail to view larger image.) How cool is that? The other piece is a robot straddling a rocket. It’s all made from found objects. It’s a much bigger piece and Burnell hasn’t take a photo yet. I’m sure he’ll post it on his blog very soon.

In the meantime, check out Toby’s website and his artwork at


  1. Chip

    I’m writing for Dudley, who is filled with envy over the dead bird artwork. He sometimes tries to play the Harp but his orange paws are kind of too big. However Duds sends his admiring thoughts to a fellow furry musician. He is hereby further inspired to keep up his practicing and would like to one day share a set with the Grateful Dead.

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