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Yamaha Music Students to Recieve Nora's Guide…

Yamaha Music School of BostonSomething wonderful is about to happen. The Yamaha Music School of Boston will be distributing copies of my book, Nora The Piano Cat’s Guide to Becoming a Good Musician, to four and five-year-old students. I’m very excited about hearing from the students once they receive the books, and Yamaha has said there will even be photos of some of the children that I will be able to share with you all. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Nora's GuideThe book (pictured to the right) features a photograph of yours truly on the cover by artist/photographer Burnell Yow!. Burnell is also one of my personal assistants. It is, indeed, very helpful to surround oneself with talented folks, don’t you think?

Nora The Piano Cat’s Guide to Becoming a Good Musician is available from

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  1. Anne

    Nora, This is very exciting news! Please do be sure to share any photos or stories you get from Yamaha. Your fans would love to see 🙂

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