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Vet Visit Today…

Rennie and I have our annual vet visits this morning. All in all, I don’t mind it. The car ride is short and the doctors are all very nice (they all have warm hands), and they all get excited when Nora The Piano Cat is in the building. I like going with Rennie, because he is so laid back and unconcerned with fame that he doesn’t mind me getting a little extra attention. He’s very Zen-like, you know. Very comfortable in his own fur, so to speak. Burnell calls him his Buddha cat. Anyway, must prepare myself for the event. Mi, mi, mi, mi, meow…


  1. ruth

    Nora you are so sweet. You remind me of my daughters cat Phaedrus. When he goes to the Vet he plays Meir cat and stands on his hind feet looking out the window. Hope you and Rennie have a good visit with the Vet.

  2. Wendy

    Ooh Nora, We hope it didn’t hurt too much. Did they stick that horrible pointy needle in the back of your neck? We don’t like that much. All the best, lots of love from Misi and Bruno in Italy.

  3. Carol

    Hope you’re vet visit went well, Nora. You and Rennie are troopers…Thank you for keeping us updated. I don’t have a kitty, but yet, I feel as if you belong to all of us too. You’re so sweet and talented. Have a great day!

  4. Donna W

    Today is the 14th, so the vet visit is all over. Hope it went well and that you and Rennie both passed with flying colors!

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