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Please vote for me! And thank you…

Oh my! Someone set up a virtual Catfight on the web and they have me up against the Roomba cat. Personally, I abhor violence (except when Max gets a little too close for comfort). Anyway, I really need your vote. So, please go to the page linked below, scroll down to #3 and cast your vote for moi. Time is of the essenc…e, so please don’t hesitate. At the moment, Roomba cat is winning.


  1. rosario

    Dearest Nora, that contest is absolutely ridiculous.
    Who could ever dream of competing with you? Forget about that contest.
    Anyway I tried to vote and it never worked, so it’s not even fair.
    Precious four legged person, I admire you very much and have great affection for you, same as the thousands of admirers that you have around the world.
    Thank you for playing the piano.

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