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Does Your Cat Watch My Videos?

This is a very short (16 seconds) cell-phone video posted by a fan to YouTube of her kitten watching one of my videos on the computer. There have been so many of these posted, some of them even showing the cat pawing the screen as I play. Do you share your life with a cat who has taken notice of my videos? Let me know.

The poster writes: “I started watching this video and my kitten jumps up on my lap, sits like a person like lounging on my legs and watches the entire video of Nora playing the piano. I thought it was so funny I took a quick video of it on my phone.”


  1. SuzieCharmingGirl

    Often I have watched your videos with my human. At first, I would run and hide whenever you came on, but now I snuggle contentedly in between her and the computer screen and we watch your entire cat-alog together. I get quite excited as you play with your feather toy (I have one of those too) and my favorite is when you circle your tail on the piano top. You certainly know how to let loose! Sometimes I give you a little pat with my paw (my human gets tickled by this). I must say I feel very simpatico with your music — it touches me deeply in my inner kitty sanctum. Looking forward to your next release–soon I hope!!

  2. Nala in Friday Harbor, WA

    I love watching your video, Nora! I sit right in front of the screen, with my nose just about 3 inches away from you. I wish we had a piano. I’ve been practicing on Mom’s keyboard, but it doesn’t make good sounds. I haven’t got the hang of Dad’s guitar either. Hugs & kisses, Nala xox

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