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A Crowning Achievement…

Scarlett Presents CrownTo Nora (Photo credit: Betsy Alexander)Well, well, well. Today one of Betsy’s students, an absolutely brilliant girl named Scarlett, gave me a gift I can truly appreciate. She presented me with my very own, handcrafted royal crown – complete with musical notes. It’s about time someone recognized me for who I really am in spite of my humble beginnings on the streets of Camden, New Jersey. At last I will be seen as the fine aristo-cat I was always meant to be.

Move over Elizabeth. Step aside, Fergie. It’s time to prove once and for all the old adage “When it reigns, it purrs!”

HRH Duchess of Feline Music, Nora The Piano Cat


  1. Jewel Heart

    Yes! the lovely Nora is a true diva and a true queen! I hope that she will live a very long and healthy life, she looks very healthy! There is no doubt in my mind that she was a concert pianist in a former life, to me this is so obvious. Long may she Reign!

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