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Max Goes Under the Knife…

MaxThat’s Max on the left. It’s no secret that he and I have never gotten along. But he is a member of my family, and B&B love him just as much as the rest of us, so for the next week or so I will be adopting an attitude of tolerance toward brother Max. That should give him plenty of time to fully recover from his upcoming surgery. You see, on Wednesday the 17th he’ll be having a benign growth removed from his neck, as well as having an infected tooth pulled. I’ve been to the vet, so I sort of know what he must going through. I wish him all the best. Please send him your purrs. Who knows, perhaps this event will give him a new perspective on life, and by life I mean me.


  1. anne

    Max – You are smart to get both procedures done in one shot. I will be thinking of you on Wednesday! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love & purrs you handsome boy….

  2. Cindy

    Dear Nora: How nice of you to be so kind toward Max. Will be thinking of him and hoping he comes through his surgery and feels better soon.

  3. nicole robertson

    as moi herself humbly requests i’m more than happy to send fellow brother max my heartfelt purrs and a little extra max time for him when he gets home which i hope moi will graciously allow

  4. nicole robertson

    after a send my regards to brother max a lovely pix of moi came up on screen with herself in elegant form at the piano a rather elegant arrangement of moi’s person splendid form!

  5. vicki

    Please let us know how Max is progressing. I am purrrring that Max will come home all new again with no pain. His little face is so cute. it breaks your heart and worry’s you to death when something goes wrong with one of them. i know as my cat is older and having some difficulties. but with God’s grace, and some wonderful vet’s, we can keep these little finicky felines for many years to come 🙂

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