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Max’s Triumphant Return…

Max With StitchesMax returned home from the vet yesterday with a little less fur and a few less teeth. But you wouldn’t know it judging from his behavior. He’s as rambunctious as ever. He even hissed and growled at me when I attempted to avail myself of a bite of his food. Nothing’s changed there. I do like his haircut, though. Makes him look like a punk. Oh my, did I say that? The stitches come out in two weeks.

And thank you for all your kind purrs and thoughts.


  1. Anne

    Max I am so glad you are OK! So you may not have the coolest haircut at the mo, but look on the bright side, due to the placement of your stitches at least you don’t have to suffer the indignity of wearing one of those horrid cones around your neck. Love & Purrs…… Anne

  2. Cindy

    Hi, Max. Very glad to hear (and see!) you are doing well. Nice to know, too, that Nora is being so kind to you.
    Hugs And Hisses, Cindy

  3. Don

    It’s hard to say a lot of sympathetic stuff to Max with Nora giving me the look up at the top of the page. She really knows how to do “the look.” The Italian word for “the look” is “l’occhiaccio”. Maybe Nora can play un occhiaccio con brio.

  4. nicole robertson

    i’m delighted to hear of the resplendent return of brother max,i note from the pix max has his person arranged as both paws are in front of him, my own late great leader matthaus was often very fond of this arrangement of his person, which i like to call a double,referring to both paws in front
    like max is deploying here admirably
    i’m delighted he’s doing well and his fur will soon be restored to it’s full glory
    kind regards from me,nic

    • admin

      Actually, Max had a benign growth removed from the back of his head by Dr. Yalloff at Queen Village Animal Hospital. He’s completely recovered, except for the growing back of his fur. That’s going to take a while. 🙂

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