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Purr-etry Contest Winners Chosen…

Purretry Contest BannerBelow are the winners by category. If you’d like to read the winning entries, you may download a pdf (160 K) by clicking HERE. To open and read a pdf document, you will need Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free download from

Category – 19 years old & up, Rhyming:

First Place – Sarah L. Gordon – In Praise of the Piano Cat
Second Place – Juliet Staveley – The Feline Phenomenon from Philly
Third Place (tie) – Karen Batesole – Nora’s Gift and Rosemary Gilbert – Nora’s Message

Category – 19 years old & up, Non-rhyming:

First Place – Carlos Silva – In the Quiet Corner of a Steel Cage
Second Place – Cindy Ward – Of Summer
Third Place – Sue Norton – Cute Adorable Nora

Category – 13-18 years old:

First Place – Krissy Hamilton – Music is Life
Second Place – Wyatt Counterman – Nora Limerick
Third Place – Sarah Butler –It’s Just that Cat

Category – 9-12 years old:

First Place – Chelsea Carrington – Nora the Piano-Playing Cat
Second Place – Elizabeth Sullivan – Music
Third Place – Davey Hiester – Piano!

Category – up to 8 years old:

First Place – Emely Jimenez – Untitled
Second Place – Anna Grace Rosenthal – Untitled
Third Place – Maggie Mota – Nora the Great Piano Cat

Category – Best Haiku:

First Place – Rachel Ward – Nora
Second Place – Carolyn Clink – Untitled
Third Place – Elizabeth Core – Paws, Pause

Category – Best Limerick

First Place – Lynne Campbell – Untitled
Second Place – Elizabeth Core – Imagining Lear’s Take on Nora

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