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Celebrating the Moment…

Nora With Buddha - Photo © Burnell Yow!

A single moment of stillness, purring quietly in the warming rays of the sun.


  1. nicole robertson

    i thought what a beautiful picture, of moi, in a peaceful moment her person arranged elegantly paw paws tucked in nicely
    really really, sweet,
    kind regards to nora all her feline colleagues and human assistants
    merry christmas new year
    thanks nic

  2. Inez Stephens

    I found Nora on the website about a yeat ago, and loved it. I have two cats and I really enjoy watching the videos. I go to the wevsite quite often.

    Thanks for putting them on the internet.

  3. Alex

    I like the photo and the message in the haiku, but there are two things that the nitpicker inside me can’t let go:

    1) It seems like “quitely” should be “quietly”- the syllables are affected as well…

    2) More importantly, the first line of a haiku is the one that has only 5 syllables, not the second. A simple fix would be to move “stillness” from the first line to the second, but it doesn’t seem as aesthetically pleasing, as “stillness” seems to belong with the other words in the first line.

    Ah, well… I may know how to write poetry, but I’m not a poet. (I am a crossword puzzle writer, though- perhaps I’ll work Nora into a puzzle of mine!)

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