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Low-Impact with Nora The Piano Cat™

Low-Impact Exercise with NoraWe’ve all heard the hype about low-pact this or that. Low-impact running. Low-impact aerobics. I really don’t know what the big deal is. I’ve been practicing low-impact exercise for years. It’s really quite simple: if the cat toy comes within reach of where I happen to be napping, I’ll swat it. If not, I go back to napping. Low-impact!

Now I’m not advocating this method for everyone, and there are times that I actually work up a sweat (well, sort of). And for those who think me a bit robust at 12 lbs., I’d love to quote a fan who recently came to my defense when she wrote, “Nora’s not fat. She’s fluffy.” How true. How true.


  1. Sparkle

    My roommate Binga is nearly 12 lbs., and she is definitely NOT fat! She is all muscle. But then, she practices a lot of high impact exercise (and other-kitty-whapping!), so that probably explains the muscle part.

  2. nicole robertson

    you look beautiful nora, loving your form elegantly demonstrating with dignity refined exercise,
    happy christmas and new year from me, nic

  3. Carina

    A greeting from Denmark. So you in a television broadcast parts here in Denmark. You’re the coolest cat I ever saw nora: o) I love you!

    Carina, from Denmark :o)

  4. Elias Freeland

    I agree. Nora is not fat. She is FLUFFY! WOW! A piano playing cat, that’s crazy amazing! Have I said that Nora is cute? Well, I SHOULD!!!!!!

    Anyway, it would be great to have a piano playing cat at our house. But, we don’t have a piano! I guess we could have a guitar playing cat….. It just wouldn’t be as cute though.

    -Eli or Elias, or whatever you want to call me.

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