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First Video Hits 20 Million Mark…

Wow! My very first video has now had over 20 million viewings. Burnell’s usually on top of all this, but this time it was CATcerto composer, Mindaugas Piecaitis, who notified me that I’d hit the 20 million mark. Thanks, Mi. Would you like a personal assitant job? I may have an opening. 🙂


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  2. Anne

    Congratulations Nora, what a huge milestone! Now don’t throw poor Burnell under the bus — he’s done such a great job with your website & social media stuff. Can you please give us an update on your housemate Max sometime? I hope he is OK and that his fur has come back in.

  3. Ivy Engh

    Quite frankly, Nora you are the best…all us enjoy listening to you play and marvel at your talent. Hurray for Nora!
    Signed you fans,
    Ivy Engh
    Mr. Fluffy Ferguson
    Mr. Kitty-Witty

  4. Maximilienne Ewalt

    I love you Nora. You are un chat extraordinaire. Could you come teach my cats to play? You are truely a star that shines bright.

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