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“Friends of Cats” in El Cajon, CA

Betsy at "Friends of Cats" shelter in El Cajon, CA.As a home-body cat who couldn’t bear to be separated from her beloved grand piano for more than a brief trip to the vet, I obviously don’t travel much. But sometimes Burnell and Betsy do, and when they do I always encourage them to visit any cat shelters in the area – not to necessarily add to our already extensive feline family, but to say hello with hugs and kisses to the many kitties and cats out there still looking for that loving home, and to tell them not to give up hope. Somebody out there is looking for them. And having been a shelter cat myself, I know exactly what it means to have someone with a loving heart offer to share it with you.

Cats at "Friends of Cats" shelterWell, B&B just got back from visiting relatives in California, and they stopped in at Friends of Cats in El Cajon. Hopefully, the beautiful gray cat Betsy is holding in the above photo, which was taken at the Friends of Cats shelter just a few days ago, will soon find that loving home. Betsy says she was a real sweet cat with a very loud and happy purr. And doesn’t Betsy look quite happy herself? I’m one fortunate cat to have found her. (Click thumbnail to view larger image.)

And don’t forget to visit the Friends of Cats website to view other images of the cats and kittens available for adoption. As always, even if you can’t adopt at this time, please consider making a donation to the animal shelter of your choice. And tell them Nora sent you!


  1. Karma Rohmer

    My son, Mickey is mildly Autistic an just loves babies and cats we are looking forward to meeting you this weekend and finding a new friend. thank you, Karma, Mickey an Benny.

  2. David Lee

    Wow, good to hear they are still open! I always heard good things about Friends of Cats, but had heard they were getting ready to shut down and were laying off all their staff. Good to be wrong sometimes!

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