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2012 Nora The Piano Cat™ Calendar has arrived!

Nora 2012 CalendarAs 2011 purrs to a close, thoughts turn to 2012. And if you are like most folks, that means getting and giving a new calendar. So, why not a calendar featuring the one and only Nora The Piano Cat? Imagine every month a new photograph of yours truly by that somewhat famous and award winning photographer and mixed media artist, Burnell Yow! And every month also features a wonderful and inspiring excerpt from my yet to be published third book titled “Nora The Piano Cat’s Guide to Living a Purr-Fect Life: Or How to Make Every Day a Catnip Day.”

For twelve full months I share my wit and wisdom on things like self-acceptance and gratitude. Because when it comes right down to it, I’m more than just a pretty face – and I’m betting you are too.

Burnell insists I also mention that the calendar makes a great gift for all the cat lovers in your life. You can order it at the link below.