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CATcerto in Amsterdam…

Mindaugas Piecaitis, the composer of CATcerto, just sent B&B a scan of one of the pages of the printed program for the recent performance of CATcerto in Amsterdam (November 11, 2011). As you know, CATcerto was composed by Piecaitis and based on my piano stylings. It features yours truly as guest soloist via a large video screen placed behind the orchestra. As of Nov. 11, CATcerto has been performed fourteen times in five countries.

Program From Amsterdam ConcertMaestro Piecaitis explains that it is customary in a program to list first information about the pieces being performed, then about the composers, and finally about the soloists. This image is a scan of the page about the soloists – complete with photos. I can’t read the paragraph about me, because it’s in Dutch. Any Dutch-speaking fans out there care to translate? (Click thumbnail to view full image.)

A YouTube video of the very first performance of CATcerto, performed by Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra in the Klaipėda Concert Hall in Klaipėda (Lithuania) on 5th June, 2009, can be found at:

For more info on CATcerto:

You can also read more about it right here on my website by clicking the “CATcerto” button at the top of the page.


  1. nicole robertson

    thank you for a lovely email which is always so good to receive on behalf of the diva,it’s the closest i have come so far to receiving an audience
    from the diva herself
    kindest regards from nic another humble subject of the diva

  2. Jerusha

    Hi Nora,
    Was just checking how you are doing these days (hope you are happy and in good health) and saw your message where you ask your Dutch fans if they can translate the paragraph on the flyer of the Catcerto that is about you. Well, hope “better late then never”, I have given it a try, so here is the translation:

    Nora – The Piano Cat
    American lady Nora, also known as “the piano cat”, was born on Sept. 10th 2003. Her parents were stray cats in the streets of Camden, NJ. Being an orphan she was taken in the loving care of the Furrever Friends. In this famous animal rescue center that is against the putting down of animals, she was given the nickname ‘Bossy’. As a kitten she was lovingly adopted by Betsy and Burnell. The two piano’s in their home, that were used for giving piano lessons, soon took Nora’s attention. Her career as “piano cat” started when she was only one year old and put her little paws on the white and black keys and began to compose her first improvisations. Not much later she began an internship with Betsy who became her personal assistant. She doesn’t play by ordering her but only when she feels like it, often a few times a day and then only for a little while. Her talent was not being unnoticed. Through YouTube she became famous worldwide. The Lithuanian composer and conductor Mindaugas Piecaitis was touched by her melodies and wrote the piece ‘Catcerto’ for ensemble and video in which Nora excells as a soloist.

    Much love (also from your fellow mackerel tabby, Pip)

    • admin


      Thank you so very much for the translation. It makes me so happy that I have so many fans and friends around the world. Give Pip a kiss on the head from me.


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