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Another Productive Trip to the Vet…

Nora And Dr. YallofJust got back from a trip to the vet. And I have some great news: I’ve lost 3 pounds since B&B started monitoring my daily food intake a number of months ago. As you know, I had gotten up to 16.6 pounds, and my fans, my vet, and B&B were concerned. Well, I weighed in this morning at 13.6. My vet, Dr. Yallof (that’s her holding me in the photo) was very pleased. She wants me to lose another pound, and she suggested I come back in for a teeth cleaning. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me, but I got to thinking that maybe I’ll get veneers while I’m there. I hear they’re all the rage among the Hollywood crowd. And what’s good enough for Angelina is certainly good enough for me. What do you think?

Anyway, Dr. Yallof said I was doing great and was very healthy. And isn’t it wonderful that she posed for this photo with me. The doctors at Queen Village Animal Hospital are all so wonderful. (Click the image to view larger.)


  1. Wilma

    I am very glad with your good news! Hang on Nora!
    That……with your teeth… not realy fun,but you will notice anything.
    It’s good for you.Midas’teeth are cleaned too and it goes very well with him! He is 17 years young.
    Greetings from Midas and Wilma from Holland.
    [I hope you can see my picture.Otherwise…you can find me on facebook.
    /Users/Wilma/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2012/02/27/20120227-235434/P1040233.JPG

  2. Anne

    Congratulations Nora! You’re looking slim & trim and I know it was hard work. I hope the last pound will be easy. Don’t worry about the teeth cleaning. It will be worth it to have sparkling choppers and fresh breath!

  3. Sparkle

    Wow, Nora – paws up on your weight loss! My two roommates are under strict portion control and as a result, they have never had weight problems. On the other hand, I don’t eat enough so I get everything I want, including lots of treats!

  4. Tish

    Nora, your teeth are so important to keep clean. I lost my baby because I never had his teeth cleaned & he started with organ failure.
    Please take some Bach rescue remedy before the teeth cleaning like I gave my 21 year old boy (russian Blue). He survived the teeth cleaning
    & extractions like a champ. The bach rescue remedy helped him not over stress his adrenal glands. Going under can do that & result in a heart attack! BAch Rescue Remedy for Pets is amazing!!!!! Non toxic-
    you have my baby boys eyes & do not worry you are healthy, our vet never told us to get our teeth cleaned & he was already so sick til I figured out it was his teeth. Your vet is smart & so are your parents.
    I still have not forgiven myself…even though he lived another 2 years it was not easy. All my love Nora!!!

  5. Belinda

    You are very lucky to get cuddles from your Dr, Nora! She seems lovely and you look so healthy and relaxed. Just remember, healthy teeth mean a longer life so best to get your choppers looked after… and forget about Angelina, she’s got NOTHING on you!

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