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Happy Birthday, Jenny! May 17, 2012…

Today is May 17th. It’s also Jenny’s third birthday (That’s Jenny above). B & B brought Jenny home along with Ellie almost three years ago, and it got a little crazy around here for a while. Both of them were pretty wild, but they’ve come a long way in the time they’ve been a part of our family. In the beginning, Jenny hid all day long and only came out at night. B & B called her their vampire kitty. Only recently has she begun hanging out during the day, but she’s still quick to hide when the doorbell rings. She’s very soft and affectionate. We don’t really hang out together – I prefer to spend my time by myself – but B & B thinks she’s pretty special. And I trust their judgement. After all, they think I’m pretty special, too.

Jenny On Her BackHere’s a photo of Jenny in a very relaxed moment. (Click thumbnail to view larger.)

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