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Carol Visits Me all the way from Sunny Florida…

Carol Hieronymus Meets NoraThree out-of-town visitors in two days! It’s a delight to make the lives of so many humans brighter than they would have been otherwise. What can I say? It’s a gift! And this morning when I heard the doorbell, I just knew it was someone seeking an audience with the diva. Enter Carol Hieronymus from Pompano Beach, Florida. The story is she was visiting friends in the neighborhood and mentioned what a huge fan she was of Nora The Piano Cat. To which her friends replied, “Why, she lives just down the block.” Personally though, I’m sure she came here to seek me out. She just wanted her friends to think she was here to see them. Anyway, I played for her, posed for a few photos and allowed her to pet my head. Humans are so easy to please. Carol soon rushed off to a waiting taxi on her way to the airport, taking with her a wonderful memory of the day she met the diva. (Click image to view larger version.)


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