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Nora The Piano Cat™: The “Thank You” Concert -1.23.2013

I performed the “Thank You” concert on 1.23.2013, about a week after receiving hundreds of emails and Facebook comments wishing me a speedy recovery from a jealous sibling’s bite that, while not requiring stitches, did necessitate a trip to the vet to have the wound cleansed and to get a shot of antibiotics. And while I did lay low for a few days, partially to avoid my nemesis and partially to heal, it is always true that the show must go on, you know. So, it wasn’t long before I was back at the piano. And Burnell was there to capture it.


  1. Alex

    I’m glad to see you appreciate your fans’ support, Nora… you’re such a good cat. (Good enough, as a matter of fact, to make it into the New York Times crossword puzzle… 36-Across in the puzzle for November 30, 2012 was PIANO PLAYING CAT, clued as “Subject of a 2007 YouTube sensation”.) Congratulations, Nora… keep on playing!

  2. Bernadette

    Nora, you are so talented! We understand the beauty of inflections and the beauty of innuendoes and all that. We are also glad you are well, and that you have humans who understand your need and ability to express yourself in music.

  3. steph

    Nora, I love you so much,how beautiful you are ! I am so impressed with your fabulous talent – never give it up , EVER 1
    Look forward to seeing more awesome tunes kitty-kat ..

  4. Anne

    My dear Miss Nora it has been too long since we’ve seen you at the piano. I am so glad to see you looking so well. Thank you & your servants for sharing this with us. Purrs…..

  5. Jamie

    What a sweet cat! I love cats! Thank you for taping these videos and sharing with the world this talented and beautiful creature.

  6. Kay


    I am forever enchanted by your music and your beauty. So happy to hear that you are mended and at the keys again.
    We are big fans !!! Continue playing.

  7. Maria Baker

    Nora, you are absolutely adorable and such an honour to the feline community!

    A big tummy rub from an animal lover and a fan of yours!

    Maria + my furry, meouwy gang: Rex, Ishtar, Mikhail and Sebastian

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