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Facebook Blocked My Profile Page!!

Supposedly for “security reasons,” Facebook recently blocked my Facebook profile page. So, at the moment (perhaps forever) it is not accessible. If you have tried to go there, please know that Burnell has created an FB Page (confusing, I know) for me at Seems Facebook may not like the fact that a cat has a personal profile. But they don’t mind me having a Page created by a fan, in this case, Burnell. Well, I suppose there is no use crying over spilt cream.

If you want to “Like” my new Page, please go to and click the “Like” button. Then bookmark the page and go there for the latest day-to-day scoop on me, Nora The Piano Cat. Of course, my website is also a great place to check out for all the bigger events of my life.

It’s all about the mewsic,