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Nora The Piano Cat Receives “Special Mention” from Graffest 2012

Special Mention from Graffest 2012DrawbridgePhotoAs you may recall, my first video was screened at Graffest 2012, an open-air cinema festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, before a crowd of 30,000. It must have been so cool to see it projected onto a 400 square meter screen hanging on a raised drawbridge. Anyway, I received a Special Mention as a cat creator, and they sent me a certficate all the way from Russia! (Click thumbnails to view larger.)


  1. wilma

    Ach,Nora! You ‘ll never know what happens when that big screen appears in a big concert-hall,full of people,who are going to a
    Concert-Suscription.A suscription about “Own Time Classic Music”.[Ssssst :a littlebit elite sort of concert-visitors. SSSSSTTT!] Realy ssssstt!
    Ooooh Nora! The reactions of that sort of concert-visitors where so beautiful.
    Mindaugas said: “For me the first time…the public didn’t laugh hard. Wilma,…..they sigh a little,but they were listening!!”
    And that was what happens in Holland.
    Yes! I was proud,but I missed your personal assistants.They had to hear the silent surprise of your playing.They can hear it again,because they have got the sound-track of your performance in Holland.Ask B&B and than you hear what Holland did when you were playing.I hope that B&B that sort of difference between countries can understand.We,… in Holland, ……are a bit ‘reserved’ about strange things.
    But,tell your p.a’s. that you made a difference that evening in Amsterdam.
    And Nora,…..listen! Tell B&B that they are welcome in Holland when ever they want.
    Because,Nora,…..traveling around the world is very expensive.And when B&B wants to come to Europe,you have to tell them that they don’t have to stay in a Hotel.Can you tell them? They will understand you,I am sure.
    Love you and your P.A’s xxx

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