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My Piano Gets Tuned…

TuningThePianoAs you know, my sibling Rennie has, in the past, tuned my piano. There’s even a YouTube video of him doing just that. But since Rennie has been busy doing other things lately, I asked Betsy to call in her tuner, Natale. He didn’t crawl inside the piano the way Rennie does, but he did a wonderful job, nonetheless. Here’s a few photos Burnell captured of me while I waited patiently for my instrument. (Click on the image to make it bigger.)


  1. Bernadette

    Nora, you are so talented and exquisitely beautiful, and perfectly unique!

    And you have to admit, Burnell’s photos of you are spectacular.

    One must compliment the feline first.

  2. Eveline


    I have a cat that looks exactly like Nora. He even has that cute “bag” as I call it under his belly. I went to many vets to find out what type of cat is he, but never found out. So, my question to you is, do you know anything about Nora’s parents? Also, does Nora has a little weid tail? My cats tail has a weird end…its like the top has been cut, but its still attached….

    Best of luck to Nora!

    • Nora The Piano Cat

      Nora is a domestic shorthair with what is called a Classic Tabby pattern, sometimes called a bulls-eye pattern because of the circular shape on the side of the cat. Her markings showed up a lot better when she was younger. As far as I know, the only thing that stands out about Nora’s tail is that it is quite thick at the base. Hope this helps. She may have a little Persian in her because she has a slightly smooshed face compared to our other cats. Very cute.

  3. Eveline

    Thanks…:) the same thinks here…I want to send you a picture of Noki…to what email adress should I send it to? You have to see the resemblence 🙂

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