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New How-To Book from Quirk Books…


Being an internet celebrity is not all about the bright lights, cameras rolling, and millions of fans screaming for more. Sometimes I just want to curl up with a good book with plenty of pictures and words to inspire and educate. And boy could I have used this new book from Quirk Books back in 2007 when I began my own rise to internet fame. Well, actually, it’s my purrsonal assistants who could have used it. The book is titled How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity by Patricia Carlin, with photographs (lots of them) by Dustin Fenstermacher (obviously not his real name). It certainly would have made my road a bit less bumpy. (Click image to view larger version of moi with my very own copy.)

C’est la vie! It’s here now, and if you are purrsonal assistant to a feline celebrity hopeful, you should definitely check this book out. Be warned, I am not in it (an accidental oversight by the author, I’m sure), but the information, photos, and humor contained within its 127 pages will delight most anyone – except maybe Grumpy Cat.



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