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It’s not all interviews, paparazzi, and bright lights…

Some people, and even my many feline friends and fans, tend to think my life as The Piano Cat is one of constant excitement and unending adoration from my purrsonal assistants. Not so! Most days I spend a good deal of time in my favorite chair in the piano studio. It was Burnell’s first gift to Betsy after they moved in together. She had admired it in an antique shop and he went back later and bought it and carried it several blocks to their apartment for her birthday. Thankfully, she has no problem sharing it with a musical diva. Why, she’s even the one who snapped the photos below. Of course, if any of you stop by for a visit, I’ll make a mad dash to the piano bench. A diva must always be ready to wow her fans. (Click photo for larger view.)



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