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Acro-Cats Come To Philly…

Yep. The Acro-Cats and the Rock Cats band arrived in my home town, Philadelphia, this weekend for a series of performances at the Painted Bride Art Center in Old City, Philadelphia. My human purrsonal assistants, Burnell and Betsy, came home from brunch this morning with the great news. Turns out, Burnell was eating next to the window facing South Street and saw a car pull up across the street with a giant white cat on the top. Not something you see every day, right?

Paulie with the Acro-Cats car.So he naturally ran out to say hello. That’s Paulie above waving her paw and looking fantastic in her cat ears. Anyway, sounds like a fun show to check out. You can get more information on the whole troupe and information on tickets and show times at

The Acro-Cats and the Rock Cats


    • Cyndi R

      I saw the AcroCats and RockCats in the Boston area. They were very talented and well worth seeing. What a good time! Of course, they can’t hold a candle to Nora…

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