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First Feline Nominee For President of the United States

Nora For President

Imagine my surprise to wake to the news of the first feline nominee for President of the United States. Well, obviously they’re talking about me. Who else, right? Guess I’ll need to have a serious talk with my purrsonal assistants about keeping me in the loop on these things. But I look forward to the campaign ahead and the election in the fall.

My platform? 1) Guaranteed vetcare for all. 2) Continued and expanded funding of shelters, pet adoption, and spay & neuter programs. 3) Greater exposure to music and other creative arts for all so inclined. 4) Lots of treats.

Elect me in November and I will work tirelessly to insure that every cat and kitten is placed in a loving home, so that no cat or kitten will ever go to sleep hungry, cold, or frightened. And, of course, I will continue to play the piano and generally amaze all who are fortunate enough to score an audience with the diva.

Your candidate,
Nora The Piano Cat


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  2. kaiwen

    Hmmm..not understanding all of this secrecy. You didn’t approve my comment and I merely asked why there haven’t been videos posted since 2016. I think that she’s one of the most amazing cats that I’ve ever seen. You certainly hit the jackpot with her.

    IMO, you owe it to her many followers to let them know what’s going on. Your continued silence and Nora’s advanced age are strong signs that she has passed away. If this is the case, I extend my heartfelt condolences .

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