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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of

Burnell holding NoraAdoption saves lives, which is why I am so delighted to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‪‬ and their marvelous work of bringing together human beings and those of us with slightly more fur. And you can celebrate with us by sharing your own adoption story with the #MetOnPetfinder hashtag, and by watching the video at The great news is that Petfinder is donating $250,000 to the Petfinder Foundation to support 25 shelters and rescues after reaching its goal of 1.25 million video views. It’s a cute video, so you should keep watching and sharing.

And now here’s my adoption story: That’s Burnell holding me in the photo (something I’m barely tolerating). He’s the guy who, along with his wife, adopted me from a shelter almost twelve years ago. My introduction biography at the shelter claimed I was “BOSSY,” but, fortunately for me, that’s exactly the type of cat that Burnell and Betsy were looking for. They adopted me and gave me my forever home. After a year or so, I began playing the piano, and Burnell and Betsy accepted the job of being my purrsonal assistants. My videos soon went viral and I became an Internet celebrity. And while not all cats can play the piano, we all need a loving home. #MetOnPetfinder #sponsored

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  1. Patricia Hamilton

    I just finished reading Nora’s new book. LIVING THE PURR-FECT LIFE. It’s a wonderful commentary on everyday life through the eyes of a VERY special cat. She is talented in both piano and writing and makes you feel her joy.
    I climbed in bed with a comfy blanket and read her story with a smile on my face….in a couple of paragraphs I laughed out loud.
    The photographs bring their own special joy and capture her personality PURR-FECTLY.

    We need a little joy in our lives…

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