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The Brightest Star

I sometimes get accused of being a diva, of being bossy or, believe it or not, self-indulgent. We media stars all get criticized for taking centerstage and enjoying it. But as a bright star, I was born to shine.

Case in point: the photograph below. Even though I am a gray cat surrounded by color, I stand out. I command attention. I shine.

Photo credit: Burnell Yow!


  1. Iwanakotepita Iwanakotepita

    You are so special cat Nora and you know that..We love you so much❣️Do you have YouTube maybe??If you do what’s the name ..

  2. Sarah

    Nora is beautiful! I think that Beethoven reincarnated as a cat! Probably you should publish a video book telling Nora’s story and showing her talent. I would buy it for my kids!
    Any calendars this year?

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