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Nora and Jenny

Jenny, on the right, has been trying to be a snuggle buddy with me for years, maybe even a decade. I, however, have a well-earned reputation as a diva who does not seek the company of other cats. But Jenny has been patiently relentless in her attempts to be close to me. About a year ago, I softened to her advances, as you can see from this photo. I am truly adored. The high price of fame!


  1. Kevin

    I am so happy that Nora is still with us. How old is she? Does she still play? Would love to meet her one day and get her pawtograph!

    • Burnell Yow!

      She turned 16 on September 10, 2020. She still plays, but a little less often since the COVID-19 pandemic. She loved having the students come for their lessons, but now Betsy is teaching online.

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