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A Nora The Piano Cat Musical Web Series Is In The Works.

Announcing a fundraising campaign to produce the pilot episode of a new musical web series telling the street-to-starlet story of me, Nora The Piano Cat.

Official Announcement:
NORA THE MUSICAL is being created by Nora’s real-life mom – music educator/composer Betsy Alexander – in collaboration with lyricist Michael Biello and producer/arranger Dan Martin. All three are long-time creatives, with many award-winning musical theatre productions and films to their credit. They (with Nora’s blessing) are thrilled to come together to explore and celebrate the intense bond between humans and their pets, the rise of social media and its profound influence on all our lives, and the joyful, magical, healing power of music and art. WE INVITE, WELCOME, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Support us here: