In The News


Nora The Piano Cat is featured on this episode of Wild About Animals first aired in September of 2010 and hosted by Mariette Hartley. A Steve Rotfeld Production.

MSNBC’s Caught on Camera ran this piece on Nora in August of 2010. It includes appearances by Nora’s personal assistants, Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow!.

This next clip is from the Today Show with Matt Lauer. They wanted us to come to New York for the filming, but Nora doesn’t travel well. So NBC set up a live feed direct from Nora’s own piano.

Local TV stations, starting with ABC News with Matt O’Donnell, were quick to jump on the Nora bandwagon back in 2007. At the time, Nora’s YouTube video viewings had hit 600,000. Now they number over 25,000,000 and still climbing. All of the major networks began sending film crews to capture Nora at the piano and to tell the story of the little feline who was redefining what a cat was capable of achieving.

Nora, her videos, and her fascinating story have been featured on television, radio, the internet, and in the print media around the world. Here is just a partial list of the venues she has appeared on and in:

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Animal Planet, Pet Planet, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, Martha Stewart, The Dave Spector Show (Japan), The Lenny Henry Show (UK), Tyra Banks, The Tokyo Network, The Fuji Network, Rude Tube (UK), Inside Edition, VH1, Animal Radio, 2 Dorks, Philly Feed, PetLife Radio with Arden Moore, PetCentric, People Magazine (Best of 2007), Santé Pratique, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pianist Magazine (UK), Neko-Biyori (Japan), In Touch, Tails Pet Magazine, Music In (Italy), Your Cat (UK), Cat Fancy, My Pet (Japan), Yamaha’s Accent Magazine, Ranger Rick Magazine.