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National Geographic Junior Magazine…

The Dutch version of National Geographic Junior magazine for February of 2010 just ran a photo of me with a bit of text. Since I don’t speak the language (nor do either of my, otherwise quite talented, personal assistants), I’m putting the call out to any of my Dutch fans for a translation, or even just a brief synopsis.

The image and text is below, and here’s a link to the online version:

Nora The Piano Cat to receive the Scarlett Ribbon "Cat of the Year" award…

I am really honored to be receiving the Westchester Cat Shows ‘Cat of the Year’ award today, Saturday, November 21st. I hear it’s a pretty big deal, and I will be getting the very first ‘Scarlett Ribbon’ which was designed to honor the first ever Cat of the Year, Scarlett who saved her 5 kittens from a burning building. Wow, I may be talented, but Scarlett, she was a hero. There’s a book about her, too. I think I’ll have to read that one.

My personal assistant, Betsy, is attending the show (in White Plains, NY) to accept the award on my behalf. I may not be there in person, but I will be appearing via a live video feed from my very own piano. It’s all part of something called “Shelter Aid” to raise money for shelters and rescue groups. As you know, I was rescued from the street and adopted from a shelter by Betsy and Burnell.

So, I hope you tune in to see me by going to on Saturday at 1 PM EST. Then please do consider going to and making a tax deductable contribution to help support the marvelous efforts of countless caring humans in their goal to find loving homes for all my feline and canine friends.

Nora Named Cat of the Year by ASPCA…


I feel tremendously honored and humbled to have been named “Cat of the Year” for 2009 by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). My personal assitants, Burnell and Betsy, will be accepting the award on my behalf at an upcoming luncheon at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.

If I have inspired even one person to adopt a shelter cat like myself, than all those hours at the piano have, indeed, been worth it. And while not all cats can play the piano, we all need a loving and safe home.

Winner of DogCatemy Award…

B&B-accepting-the-DogCatemy-Award-for-me-from-theWell, Betsy and Burnell went to the 2007 DogCatemy Awards Gala in New York last night. Three videos were in the running for “Best Musical.” One of them was the piece that Debbye Turner did about me for the CBS Early Show a while back. And guess what? We won!! B & B joined Debbye at the podium to accept the award on my behalf. I don’t travel very well, so I stayed home and mostly slept. Anyway, now it’s on my piano. Debbye got one too. Katie Lee Joel, Billy Joel’s wife, was one of the presenters, and she told everyone that Billy loves me. In fact, according to what my mom told me, he’s obsessed with me, and likes to watch my videos a lot. Maybe someday I can play a duet with him. That would be fun. Wouldn’t it? A lot of people there had seen my videos. I kind of wish I was there, but I heard there were a lot of dogs there, and so maybe I’m glad I stayed home.